Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This session was done to make it clear that Conversys is concerned with the personal data of all the holders with whom it relates, thus meeting the General Law of Data Protection, which has as its main objectives:

1- Privacy of the individuals called data subjects and their free development.

2- Define what companies must do when using personal data.

We want you, the holder of personal data, to know your rights, but first, let's understand some important concepts:

- Personal data: information that somehow helps to identify someone (name, ID, CPF, e-mail, location, photo, etc.).

- Processing: term that sums up all the actions a company takes with personal data.
When we talk about protecting personal data, this involves not only technological aspects of cybersecurity, but also:

- Protocols for how the treatments take place.

- Training of professionals involved in this process.

- Respect for your privacy.

- To give the holder, in a transparent way, control over his information, as well as tools to exercise the rights that the law guarantees him.

The types of personal data, and the way we collect it, depends on how you engage with us.

Below is our policy. If you have any questions, please use our exclusive channel to address issues related to the LGPD. Do this by contacting our data steward, following instructions in item 05.


1- BASIC CONCEPTS: what I need to know to understand this policy

- Legal and principle bases: these are the hypotheses that authorize us to process personal data that range from the consent of the holder with free manifestation of his will to data that needs to be retained for the execution of a contract or any other legal obligation.

- Personal data: is information that alone identifies the individual or facilitates its identification, such as: name, CPF, RG, address, electronic address, etc.

- Officer: This is the Data Protection Office, and its main task is to act as a communication channel between the company and the data subject, as well as between the company and external agents, including and mainly the ANPD (National Data Protection Agency).

Privacy Policy

- External Agents: a person or institution that is assigned to oversee or have educational actions that involve data privacy.

- Legitimate interest: one of the ten legal bases brought by LGPD. It is used to justify processing that meets our legitimate interests and that are necessary to achieve a certain purpose always in alignment with the Brazilian legislation in force.

- Compliance with legal obligations: for our business, this is a fundamental basis, since according to some legislation, we are obliged to make reports to government control and inspection institutions, in the three spheres: municipal, state, and federal.

- Technologies: any and all tools that handle personal data.

- Holder: is the natural person to whom the personal data refer, be it a customer, consumer, service provider, product user, employee, visitor to our establishment, etc.

- Processing: all the actions performed with your personal data.


The type of personal data we collect depends on how you engage with us. For example, if you are a service provider the personal data collected will be different from that collected if you are a business partner, which in turn will be different from that collected if you are or were an employee.

Personal data may be collected by us when you, yourself, fill out forms, fill in information about yourself or enter into contracts with us.

It is worth noting that each data processing operation follows a purpose, which is one of the principles present in the LGPD. No data is collected without a specific "why".

If you have any questions about whether or not your data has been collected, what data has been collected, and for what purpose, simply contact our Data Officer at


We are a technology integrator with a focus on the B2B market, i.e. most of our customers are other companies, so we don't deal on a high level.

Privacy Policy
volume of personal data and we always strive to minimize, i.e., treat the minimum data necessary to achieve a certain purpose.

To facilitate the understanding of this process within the Conversys framework, we will divide the processing operations into two groups, namely:

a. EXTERNAL PERSONAL DATA: personal data of holders who are not part of the Conversys structure and who are necessary for a certain purpose, for example, personal data of suppliers or business partners, etc;

b. INTERNAL PERSONAL DATA: personal data of individuals whose work is connected in some way with Conversys, such as employees, service providers, etc.

We are diligent about addressing privacy with the companies with whom we share personal data.
Any questions regarding how Conversys handles your personal data please contact our data controller, following the guidelines contained in topic 5.


First of all it is worth saying that the data subject is in the "center stage", that is, the great concern of this legislation is to give people control of their personal data aiming at privacy. On the other hand, it obliges companies to be responsible in their treatment and actions with this information, which today is very valuable.

We at Conversys form a team that respects people's privacy and excels in transparency, therefore, we list below the main rights brought by LGPD:
a. CONFIRMATION AND ACCESS: allows you to know if we handle any of your personal data and, if so, to know what they are;

b. CORRECTION: Allows you to request the correction of your personal data if they are incomplete, inaccurate, or out of date;

c. DELETION: Allows you to request that we delete all of your personal data, unless we are required to keep it in our records by law.

d. PORTABILITY: You may request Conversys to transfer your personal data to another company and you may also request another company to forward your personal data to us. This right can be exercised provided that it does not violate the intellectual property or trade secrets of our company.

Privacy Policy

e. SHARING INFORMATION: Allows you to request the name of the companies with which Conversys shares your personal data.

f. REVOCATION OF CONSENT: if Conversys processes your personal data on the legal basis of your consent, you may revoke your consent at any time, it is your right.

Whenever you exercise your rights, Conversys may request additional information from you in order to verify your real identity and prevent fraud. Some requests may not be answered immediately, but we are committed to answer any questioning within a reasonable period of time.


If you believe that your personal data has been used in violation of the rules established in this policy, or if you want clarification about the processing rules or even if you want to give us suggestions, please contact us. Below is the name and contact details of our Data Protection Officer (DPO).
Foreman (DPO):
E-mail for contact: